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Watch for Frozen Pipes


Watford City Public Works would like to make property owners aware that shallow pipes have started freezing recently.  As of last weekend, Public Works has encountered two frozen water services and expects more to freeze before warmer weather arrives.  The service lines in all cases are not buried deep enough and are below the paved portion of the street.  Most properties have nothing to worry about since their services are buried to proper depth, but all owners and tenants should notice the temperature of their tap water after running it for a couple minutes.  If the water feels “icy” cold, or the temperature is less than 40 degrees, that might be an indication that freezing in the line could happen if the water were not used for a day or two.  As a precaution the water could be left on as a pencil stream while sleeping or while away.  (CAUTION: If connected to a septic system, excessive low flow could cause backups or freezing.  Normal flows are better in that case.)  If your property will be vacant for several days in a row, consider having someone turn your water on for 30 minutes each day while you are gone.  The risk of freezing will reduce as temperatures rise but could still be possible for several weeks.  If you have any questions or concerns contact Public Works at 444-8400 x3.

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